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a large, curved screen showing a student research presentation on the screen on the sociology topic of police and society with statistics, discussion points, and references

Student work on Digital Wall display in RBD Library

In the sociology course "Police in Society" taught by assistant professor Makeela J. Wells, students used Adobe Express to create infographics and presentations on topics including diversity and recruitment in policing, police officers’ mental health and wellness, police officer safety at domestic violence calls and critical incident stress among police officers, and community members attended live presentations of their projects. Lecturer Emory Serviss’ digital marketing class used Adobe Rush to create and edit viral videos. Instructor Chelsy Hooper’s Visual Design Honors College course students used Adobe Express and Adobe Photoshop to create graphics, including the use of generative AI art via Adobe Firefly as well as Adobe Portfolio to create an e-portfolio. Associate clinical professor Julie Wells’ social work capstone students used Adobe Express to create custom panels for presenting their final projects using the Digital Wall. These projects and more were made possible through library personnel collaborations including Chelsy Hooper, Jonah Lasley, Emily Sahib, Eileen Hall and Jennilyn Wiley as well as several Adobe Student Consultants.  

View these projects and more on the Digital Wall, 1st floor RBD Library. 

All Auburn students have access to Adobe Creative Cloud to help them create graphics, video and more. The Adobe Creative Space staff can assist faculty and instructors in integrating Adobe Creative Cloud applications into courses: contact Chelsy Hooper at for more information or visit the Adobe Creative Space web page. For questions regarding the Digital Wall, contact Jonah Lasley at or visit the Digital Wall web page.