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Italy street

Few places are more of an academic paradise than Italy. Incredible art, history and culture are set against a backdrop of exquisite land and seascapes, amazing food, and friendly people. As a student in the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program, your assignment is simple: experience it all.  This experience differs significantly from other study abroad options on campus and elsewhere: our program is structured so that you will not just learn about Italian culture - you will live it. 

You will stay as a full-time resident in the grand Palazzo Chigi, a 15th century palace once home to Italian nobility, at Auburn’s only permanent overseas campus in Ariccia, Italy. The 12-week curriculum allows you to immerse yourself in the international landscape while earning 16 hours of academic credit at Auburn.

Lectures are taught in English by notable international scholars and professionals in sustainability, world history, architecture, art, design, language, cuisine, and culture. Campus instruction is supplemented by field trips and experiential learning activities to other parts of Italy to enhance and bring meaningful context to the knowledge you have gained in the classroom.

By program’s end, you will earn an International Minor in Human Sciences - an impressive addition to any resume in today’s global society. Your worldview will flourish while gaining a better understanding of both the world and yourself. Most of all, your life will be enriched with memories and friendships that will last forever.

While JSB runs every semester, there are special attractions unique ONLY to the fall!

  • It’s grape and olive harvest season! Grapes are harvested in September and October, while olive harvest season begins in late October/early November.
  • The porcini mushroom comes into season in September and is a staple of Italian pasta dishes in the Lazio region.
  • For the dedicated foodie, November is truffle season! Ordering “fresh” truffles outside of the months of October, November, and December is not recommended, as they are often frozen and lack the rich taste, so take advantage of the months where fresh truffles are available!

Ready to apply? The Fall 2024 application deadline is April 3!

To begin an application, students can click below. Once on the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad homepage, click the "learn more" button to apply!


The Office of Global Education is located in 334 Spidle Hall. Students may make an appointment to learn more about the program on Advise Assist.