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Morgan Hurston, a soon to be Auburn University graduate receiving bachelor’s degrees in both dietetics and psychology, will represent the College of Human Sciences as a Graduation Marshal for the Spring 2024 commencement exercises. Get to know Hurston a little more, as she plans to move to London to pursue a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition following graduation.

Where are you from? What made you want to pursue bachelor’s degrees in dietetics and psychology?

I am from Mobile, Ala. from an all-Auburn family. When I took my first nutrition course at Auburn and found out how much this plays a key role in every bodily system as well as our mental health, I immediately fell in love. I paired this with my passion for mental health and began seeking career opportunities relating to both fields. Eating disorders is a huge problem in our society and this is largely due to the stigma around nutrition, body image and body positivity. Knowing that Auburn could provide me the education to be best equipped to be a change maker in this industry was a feeling unlike any other. 

What did you enjoy the most about the Department of Nutritional Sciences within the college? Describe a few areas of involvement and the experience of it all.

The Department of Nutritional Sciences truly offers mentorship unlike any other organization I have experienced in my life. The faculty and student community in this department is so tight knit and supportive. We were always being offered engaging and enriching opportunities outside of the classroom in a myriad of fields to further our knowledge and allow us to experience different fields and perspectives in this large career field. This also allowed us to take many courses with the same professors and establish a relationship with them. I always felt comfortable attending office hours or going to faculty with any issue I had, or to celebrate any win in my professional life. 

I was involved with many clubs in my time at Auburn. I was involved in the Delta Zeta Beta Xi sorority chapter, Campus Kitchens at Auburn, the Student Dietetic Association and UPC welcome week, intramural sports through the Rec Center and volunteering with Big House Ministries just to name a few different clubs. These clubs not only provided me a strong social network to connect with professionally, but also people from all over the country who had such different backgrounds than I grew up with. I was given so many opportunities to connect with the Auburn students and provide outreach in the Auburn-Opelika community which was so enriching. It gave me such purpose to be able to serve in these clubs that focused on food insecurity. As a nutrition major, it has been instilled in me that every person deserves to be food secure and able to get good nutrition no matter their circumstances.

What are your plans following graduation?

After graduation, I will be moving to London to pursue a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition with a focus on research in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as well as Eating Disorders. I will be spending a calendar year gaining experience and learning about Nutrition in a fully different worldview and lifestyle than the standard American diet. This was important to me to diversify my knowledge and experience the different cultures that shape nutrition in diverse populations. Upon completion of my master's, I plan to begin working on completing my Dietetic Internship, and taking the entrance examination to become a Registered Dietitian. Upon becoming certified, I plan to begin working as an Outpatient Eating Disorders Dietitian, while completing a subsequent master's degree in Psychology. Upon completion of my second degree, I plan to become a Licensed Mental Health counselor with the goal of one day opening my own practice focusing on Nutrition and Mental Health counseling for patients working to overcome eating disorders. 

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