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Kelly Buckingham, right, spreads fun and laughter throughout the office where she works with Molly McNulty and Duante Stanton.

As a development coordinator in Auburn’s College of Education, Kelly Buckingham stands out for her impact on others and attention to detail.

“Kelly is the best coordinator I could have ever hoped for, and I remain so grateful I get to work with her each day,” said Duante Stanton, director of development for the College of Education. “She takes her job seriously, she's a team player and she's committed to improving her skills. No ask ever feels too much for her, and she’s always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Buckingham’s job includes budgeting, operations, stewardship and high visibility needs, including corporate visits and Tiger Giving Day. Her co-workers like the fun atmosphere she brings to the office by way of her energy and sense of humor. Buckingham plays music that keeps everyone grooving and productive. She has a strong preference for old-school R&B until Nov. 1, when she switches to Mariah Carey Christmas music full-time.

“There will always be lots of laughter in whatever room she’s in, so it may be mistaken as a party,” Stanton said. “It’s a true testament to how she can make every situation feel like a great time, no matter if it’s reviewing a donor letter for the hundredth time, picking linens for an event or something even less exciting.”

Donors and alumni enjoy interacting with Buckingham, whether it’s in person or through the mail. She is known for her attention to detail in planning events, designing cards and invitations and thinking of innovative gifts that have included coasters, hand-crafted wooden wine stoppers and Auburn-themed soap.

“I’m always on the lookout for interesting ideas,” Buckingham said. “I’m a little high maintenance when it comes to gifts for my donors because I want fresh ideas and I want them to stand out. I have good vendors that are great at putting my ideas into action.”

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Buckingham wants donors to feel remembered, appreciated and proud to be College of Education alumni and friends, and she knows small details can make a big impact. During her 10 years of working in the college, she has established many longstanding relationships with donors who have come to care for her.

“She is very thoughtful about making our donors feel appreciated for the impact they are making at Auburn,” said development officer Molly McNulty. “During almost every visit I’m on, donors want to know how Kelly is doing and want her to know they’ve asked about her. She plays a huge role in the close connection our alumni and donors have with the college.”

With an outgoing personality and the ability to make conversation with anyone, Buckingham is a perfect fit for her job. Whether it’s donors who live halfway across the country or her co-workers next door in Haley Center, she makes sure everyone she encounters is having a good time.

“Kelly is one of the most hilarious people I know,” said McNulty. “If you ever need to get in a better mood, just sit in her office for a minute and the rest of your day is much better for it!”